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Treatment: Teeth whitening

Teeth may be discoloured in various ways and this may be caused by various factors over time. There may be a genetic background or it may simply be the aging factor, but most often the cause is lifestyle (drinking coffee, tea, tobacco, wine, medication…). Sometimes scaling is ineffective and then bleaching may be the solution.


In cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening lightens the colour of the enamel by using a gel containing hydrogen peroxide. These products work by demineralizing the surface layer of the enamel. It is also possible to whiten using a high-energy lamp, or a laser. This type of dental care is not advised for pregnant or nursing women, for people who suffer from gum disease or allergies. The patient must have good oral hygiene with healthy teeth free of caries. One should avoid drinking coffee or other beverages that could cause stains immediately after a session.

Teeth whitening is painless and take one or two sessions of about 20 to 90 minutes.

Teeth Whitening Rates


Beyond Polus

There are several types of whitening:

Teeth whitening at home

If you have any doubts and are suffering from caries, sensitive gums, or a small cut or irritation, we do not recommend these treatments as they may cause burns or bleeding.

Concerning possible results to expect from whitening your teeth at home, they will definitely be less spectacular than Helvetic Clinics’ treatment.

Teeth whitening at Helvetic Clinics in Hungary

For your teeth whitening, Helvetic Clinics uses beyond process Polus Accelerator (See video of the bleaching system by Clicking here). This process has been voted the best bleaching process for the 4th consecutive year by the American magazine Dental Advisor).

It is important to note that before any teeth whitening in our dental clinics, you will be seen by a dentist to ensure that your mouth is healthy, without decay, without injury or infection. This consultation and control will be free of charge. If deemed necessary and to obtain the best results possible, your dentist may advise you to have a hygienic treatment done before whitening your teeth.

The Beyond Polus Accelerator teeth whitening specifications, used in Helvetic Clinics are:
  • Halogen-powered teeth whitening accelerator, LED curing light, and Low-Level Laser Therapy
  • Powerful halogen light output, clinically proven to provide superior results to LED and plasma arc systems
  • Unique LightBridge™ light technology
  • Dual-arch whitening features gentle, normal, and intense light-output settings for the perfect treatment setting with each individual patient
  • Single-tooth whitening option included for precision, tailored treatment results
  • Advanced filtration removes all harmful heat and ultraviolet output, ensuring your safety and comfort
  • Built-in powerful LED curing light with dual-wavelength output cures any dental composite on the market

Indeed, while teeth whitening in our dental clinic in Budapest can be thought of as expensive Teeth whitening rates, this is the best bleaching process available today. The colouring result and its duration cannot be compared with the other bleaching systems. Helvetic Clinics bought the best whitening machine available on the market today.