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Sinus Lift – Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment : Sinus Lift or Bone augmentation


Jacky S.
Helvetic Clinics Budapest
Dr. Tamas Ruszin (Sinus lift & implants)
Dr. Peter Lukacs (Full  locator denture)
Patient received a sinus Lift, implants, locators, and upper and lower denture

Travelling abroad for dental care and particularly for dental implants can sometimes also involve surgical bone augmentation or a sinus lift. Helvetic Clinics can perform a sinus lift or bone augmentation for those patients who need it. A sinus lift is typically performed when there is not enough bone in the upper jaw, or when the sinuses are too close to the jaw to place dental implants, a bone augmentation is usually the term used when the lower jaw lacks bone.

This is a necessary procedure when bone mass has decreased either due to periodontal disease or due to the absence of teeth. In some cases, if you have missed teeth for a long period of time, the bone may resorb and not allow for implantation.

Sinus lift

A sinus lift (upper) is a technique commonly used for adding bone to the upper jaw in ​​the area surrounding the premolars and molars. The artificial bone (known as bio-oss) is added between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses. To do this, the sinus membrane is moved upward or higher. The surgeon then injects the bio-oss, which plays the same role as the natural bone would.

Upon completion of the sinus lift, it is possible that the surgeon is able to insert implants immediately. It all depends on the amount of the bone loss. If the surgeon believes that there is enough bone to insert the implant, he will place it immediately after the sinus lift operation. If, on the other hand, the amount of bone does not allow the insertion of the implant, then we will wait several months before implantation.


Sinus lift

Lower jaw bone augmentation

The principle for the lower jaw bone augmentation is exactly the same as for the sinus lift except that… there is no sinus, so we don’t need to lift the sinus membrane before injecting the artificial bone material.

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