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Arcus Digma – Dental Treatment

Arcus Digma2 – The most important achievement in Cosmetic Dentistry

Arcus Digma2 from Kavo represents the next generation of innovative, practical diagnostic technologies.
The new ARCUS Digma II is a high tech bite registration system that provides the most precise results when it comes to registering a patient’s occlusion.


Arcus Digma Head Set

Our dental specialists deal regularly with difficult dental situations. Using the ARCUS Digma II to obtain a 3D analysis of the patient’s occlusion guarantees the most possible accurate prosthetics (crowns, bridges, dentures).

Simply based on the investment aspect alone, it is rare that dental clinics are able to offer this service. Not only is the technology expensive, but dentists must participate in ongoing training in order to stay up-to-date and utilize the machine to its highest capacity.

How does it work?


Arcue Digma Articulator

After placing a head set on the patient’s head, he is asked to move his head from left to right and front to back. Arcus Digma electronically evaluates and records the movements and positions of the jaws. The values are recorded and then programmed into the ARCUS Digma and subsequently used by our laboratory to ensure a precise result and an effective restoration when it comes to crowns and dentures being placed on top of implants. If it turns out that the analysis detects issues with regards to the jaw movement, a new position would be identified by the ARCUS Digma II.

How come ARCUS Digma is so vital?

If occlusal corrections are required but not implemented, you run the risk of damaging your crowns and bridges as well as your natural teeth and jaws. This new ARCUS Digma technology, from the world leader German KaVo, has proven itself in the area diagnosis. The precision of its diagnosis therefore eliminates any vagueness that is often associated with other methods. In comparison to conventional treatment methods such as Gnathological Treatment, the ARCUS Digma proves to be significantly more accurate. ARCUS Digma II is often recommended for patients who require significant restorative work such as crowns, bridges or dentures, and especially when the patient’s occlusion requires a correction or elevation. Helvetic Clinics are among the few clinics in the world to offer this technology as a part of their diagnosis.

You Deserve the Best! Arcus Digma, Only the Best in Dentistry