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Ivoclar E-max


The E-max crown is The revolutionary solution when it comes to restorative and cosmetic dentistry. E-max is an all-ceramic dental crown, which became popular for its long lasting and high aesthetic qualities. Along with Zirconia, they do not contain metal as they are all-ceramic crowns; this feature ensures the natural look. E-max crowns are mostly recommended for damaged and stained teeth. Depending on the dental correction you need, your dentist will help you select the best possible option.

What is an E-max crown?

The E-Max is a ceramic-crown which is known for its durability and aesthetic quality. This type of crown and the zirconium-crown are famous due to their highly aesthetic characteristics.

This crown is made of ceramics with an attractive, translucent colour which combines stability and durability. The crown consists of a single ceramic lithium disilicate block. Lithium disilicate is a material chosen for its hardness, cloudiness and stability.

E-MAX crown is regarded as the next generation of crowns, bridges and veneers in modern dentistry. This means that you receive a crown that is milled from a single, solid, homogeneous block. So the shade you see on the outside of the restoration is the same shade that you see on the inside of the restoration. There is not a dark metal substructure to conceal. It’s the same colour on the inside of the crown as it is on the outside, exactly how all–porcelain crowns should look like.

When is an E-max crown recommended?

  • Damaged or stained teeth
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Poor quality teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Older dental crown made of metal that needs to be replaced
  • Shape or form of teeth
  • And in several other cases 

What are the advantages of an E-max crown?

As E-max crowns are all-ceramic crowns, they perfectly coexist with your natural teeth. The transparent colour and the realistic form are guaranteed and it is unlikely that these crowns would differ from your own teeth. The absence of a metal structure, (as opposed to the porcelain fused to metal crowns) avoids the unattractive grey line of metal crowns, visible between the crown and the gum. Indeed, our gums tends to shrink with time, thus revealing a grey fringe of metal at the base of the tooth.

E-Max crowns are stable, long lasting and less liable to break compared to many different types of crowns.

Are there any disadvantages of an E-max crown?

The only known disadvantage is the price of the crown. Unfortunately, this premium-crown is more expensive than other crowns.

How is an E-max crown fitted?

Depending on the condition of your teeth, there is a preparation stage prior to the fitting of the E-max crowns. In most cases this stage is usually rapid.

First, the tooth will be properly cleaned and reshaped in order to properly receive the crown. After this process, a tooth imprint is taken and sent to the dental lab according to which the dental technicians will fabricate your E-max crown. While you are waiting for your crown to be produced, you will receive a temporary crown. Once the final work is done, we will replace the temporary crowns with the final E-max crown that was created for you.

Once it is properly in place, a final cleaning and polishing will end the treatment.

Helvetic Clinics Budapest’s dentists and ceramists where among the first in Hungary to propose E-max, you can trust them!