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GC Japan

GC Japan Composites and Ceramics

For over 25 years, GC Japan has been recognised by dental professionals as a provider of consistently high quality products that are easy to handle, as well as being capable of delivering the highest service standards. Their dedication to dentistry continually results in product development that provides value to patients. GC Japan leads the way in glass ionomer technology and are well known for more than 20 years of expertise and progress in the field of gypsum products as well as impression and investment materials. In recent years they have added further strategic fields to their portfolio, in the form of innovative systems and products in Aesthetic Dentistry and Minimum Intervention.


1972 • European branch opened in Kortrijk, Belgium.
1976 • GC Fujirock superhard stone developed.
1983 • Makoto Nakao appointed president.
1984 • Opening of office and warehouse in Leuven.
1989 • Opening of factory 1, production facilities for GC Vest.
1992 • Start to manufacture Fujivest.
1994 • Opening of training facilities and factory 2 with start of manufacturing Aroma Fine.
• GC Corporation acquires ISO9001 certification as dental industry’s first company.
• GC EUROPE acquires ISO9002.
1996 • Opening factory 3, production facilities for GC Fujirock EP.
• Launch of GC Fujivest Super, GCE’s first own development.
• Opening distribution warehouse.
1998 • ISO14001 certification acquired.
2002 • Opening new Logistics Centre.
2006 • GC EUROPE received the EFQM seal of quality “Committed to Excellence”.
2008 • Opening of GC EUROPE Campus Meeting and Education Centre.
• Opening GC Tech.Europe – Start up of CAD/CAM centre.
• GC EUROPE received the EFQM seal of quality “Recognized for Excellence”.
2013 • GC EUROPE – finalist EFQM European Excellence Award 2013.