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Dental Clinics – Melag Sterilization

Sterilisation and Hygiene in our Dental Clinics

Safety is our biggest priority and we pride ourselves in having the highest standards when it comes to sterilization and hygiene. The standards applied in our clinics exceed the legal requirements of Switzerland and France and we apply them to every aspect of our practice, from small tools to materials and equipment such as gloves, masks and needles.

For dental equipment that is not disposable, we adhere to the strictest rules of disinfection and sterilisation:zahnklinik-Ungarn-sterilisation

Prior to Sterilisation

We carefully and thoroughly clean all the instruments using ultrasound and manually inspect each instrument before sterilisation.

Sterilisation of surgical dental equipment

  • Sterilisation of all instruments occurs in an autoclave and is monitored electronically. We meet the highest Medical European Standard CE 93-42 and standards of validation (EN554/ISO17165)
  • Strict compliance with manufacturer’s recommendations for the instruments maintenance
  • Sterilisation of non-disposable plastic by immersion for 24 hours (a longer time than standards recommended in Swiss hospitals)

Maintenance of premises and equipment

At Helvetic Dental Clinics, for our premises cleaning and disinfecting procedures, we adhere to the Safety and Asepsis Procedures (OSAP http://www.osap.org/) standards.zahnklinik-budapest-sterilisation

  • We disinfect the clinic according to the European circular 93/42/EEC of June 14, 1998
  • We use EC marked disinfectants, certifying that the substance complies with these requirements. This ensures the safety of both patients and dentists

You can rest assured that we go above and beyond the basic expected standards of hygiene in our dental clinics.

Our sterilization and autoclave apparels from Melag


Vacuklav 30B+

Melag is the one of the most prominent manufacturers in the field of hygiene and instrument treatment whose main focus has always been focused on quality and reliability. The instruments are produced in Berlin, Germany. Melag is the world’s largest company specialized in manufacturing sterilizers and washer-disinfectors.

Special Features of Vacuklav 30B+:

  • very easy to use
  • quick program time
  • economic and efficient cycle runs
  • modern design

Vacuklav 30B+’s salient efficiency ensures the short operating time in order to have more time for the patients. The automatic cycles can be started with a single Start/Stop key where the complete sterilization, as well as the drying process take place.

This device is considered to be one of the fastest sterilizing machines on the market. The run cycles take 15 minutes, altogether with the vacuum-drying. Approximately 30 minutes later after a cycle, a new sterilizing process can be started, depending on the total load of the autoclave.

Vacuklav 30B+ machines are connected to tap water which generates the steam; another part of the tap water is used to cool the vacuum pump. This high performance feature ensures faster program runs.

For your safety and your comfort, Helvetic Clinics Hungary has pushed the hygiene standards far beyond the regulatory standards!