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Dental Treatments Abroad Reviews – Pictures

Zennia R.
Helvetic Clinics Budapest
Dr. Gabor Berkei
Crown & bridge work.
Jacky S.
Helvetic Clinics Budapest
Dr. Tamas Ruszin (Sinus lift & implants)
Dr. Peter Lukacs (Full  locator denture)
Jacky received a sinus Lift, implants, locators, and upper and lower denture.
Charles L.
Helvetic Clinics Budapest
Dr. Laszlo Lukacs (Extractions, Sinus lift & implants)
Dr. Peter Lukacs (Bridge and locator denture)
Charles had 15 teeth removed. He didn't have enough bone so we had to lift the sinus and augment the bone. We then placed 14 implants. A full round bridge on implants on the upper jaw and locator denture on the lower jaw ended his treatment.
Isabelle L. Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest

Dr. Brigitta SZABO. Zirconium crowns, inlay, venners, composite Fillings
Dr. Laszlo LUKACS. Implants, Curetage

To recover her smile Isabelle had 2 curetages, 2 dental implants, 3 composite fillings, 1 inlay, 6 veneers and 11 Zirconium crowns.
Elianne M
Dentists : Laszlo and Peter Lukacs
Treatment : Extractions, sinus lift, dental implants, Emax crowns
"By fixing my smile you've changed my life"
Helvetic Dental Clinics Hotel
Helvetic Dental Clinics Hotel
why choose Helvetic Clinics
why choose Helvetic Clinics