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Prima DNT Labomed Microscope

Prima DNT from Labomed

The microscope is the ultimate tool of care for a diverse set of dental applications from routine crown preps to canal identification and pulp removal. Today, dentists in not just the endodontic but also the restorative community need the microscope to be more agile, versatile and efficient than ever before. Answering this call, Helvetic Clinics have invested in the best microscope available today: LABOMED Prima DNT.


Microscope in dentistry

With a microscope, dental procedures can be performed more accurately and more reliably using variable and adjustable magnifications. Caries and micro-fractures can rarely be seen with the naked eye. With a microscope, it is even possible to view down to the apex of a straight root canal.

Microscope in endodontics

A root canal treatment procedure takes place inside a tooth. Treatment is often performed with a basic knowledge of the dental pulp and x-ray findings. The dental microscope, however, displays a large part of the pulp chamber, its essential advantage is that the dentist can identify the problem and its exact location.