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Bone Graft – Dental Treatment

Bone Graft , A Dentist Job ?

A bone graft should not be confused with a sinus lift or bone augmentation. A bone graft may be necessary if the bone loss is so severe that the insertion of implants is no longer an option.

A panoramic X-ray or even better, a 3D scan allows your surgeon to determine whether an implant can be placed. If it can be placed, then no problem but if it can’t be placed because of bone loss, there are two options

  • First option, the lack of bone is not too important. Then bone augmentation (lower) or sinus lift (upper) can solve the situation. Helvetic Dental Clinics will perform both the bone augmentation and implant placement.
  • If, on the other hand, the amount of loss is such that the sinus lift is not enough to sustain the implants, then a bone graft will be required. At this point, the maxillo-facial surgeon removes a piece of bone from your hip, tibia, or mandible in order to graft it into the mouth. After an appropriate healing period, the implantologist will then be able to place the implants in the bone as a result of the bone graft.

Although there are dentists and dental clinics that perform bone grafts in dental chairs we, at Helvetic Clinics, don’t do that type of operation. We advise you to make the genuine bone graft (different from bone augmentation and sinus lift) in a hospital unit near your home town, operation to be performed by a maxillo-facial surgeon under general anaesthetic.

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