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Dr Csanad BARKA

Doctor Csanad BARKA, Dentist

Doctor Csanád Bárka graduated from Semmelweis University of Budapest with Summa Cum Laude in 2016. Throughout his university studies, he trained in Lukács Dental Center and in the Department of Dento-alveolar Surgery of Semmelweis University in order to gather some relevant dental practical experience. He is currently a resident in Oral Surgery at Semmelweis University in Budapest. Csanád is fluent in English and German.

My specialty

After finishing my university studies I started to specialize in oral surgery. Besides I mainly focus on surgical treatments, I’m also interested in invisible fillings and aesthetic restorations as well as prosthetics. I understand the importance of listening and keeping my patients at ease.

  • Oral surgery
  • Atraumatic extraction
  • Removal of wisdom teeth
  • Aesthetic fillings
  • Prosthetics
  • Implant dentures

Previous experience

  • 2016 Dental Degree in Budapest Semmelweis University
  • Joined Helvetic Clinics in 2016
  • Current: Specialization in Oral Surgery at Semmelweis University


Congress participations

  • Attended implantation course of Dentis Cleanlant System (Budapest, 2016)
  • Astra Tech Implant System® Multi-indicative Course (Vienna, 2017)
  • Perspectives of periodontology (Szeged, 2017)
  • Surgical suture techniques in periodontology and oral surgery hands-on course (Budapest, 2017)
  • ITI Study Club Meetings
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