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Planmeca Panoramic X ray


Planmeca Panoramic X-ray

ProOne Panoramic

It is not only the imagery material that is expensive, it is also the overall required environment (special shielded protected rooms etc…), therefore it is very difficult and costly to fully equip a dentistry clinic with state of the art technology. What about doubling this material? Unthinkable for most clinics. Well, at Helvetic Clinics, our material is redundant. Why? What would happen if our X-ray was out of order? Well it has already occurred once and the clinic was paralysed, we had to redirect our patients to an imagery centre for their treatment. Both our CT-Scan takes panoramic X-rays and the Planmeca Panoramic X-ray also does. These machines run simultaneously, knowing that only one is actually being used. This fail-safe system protects our procedures in case one of the machines fails. This ensures that our patients will always be treated with the same accuracy and professionalism. Do you know any other clinic that offers you the same quality of service?

Planmeca Panoramic X-ray

Open patient positioning and side entry minimize errors caused by incorrect patient positioning, allowing us to monitor the patient freely from both the front and side. Side entry allows easy access for all patients – standing or seated. Patient positioning is assisted by a triple laser beam system, which indicates the correct anatomical positioning points.

Autofocus – for perfect panoramics every time

The unique Autofocus feature automatically positions the focal layer using a low-dose scout image of the patient’s central incisors. Landmarks in the patient’s anatomy are used to calculate placement, enabling practically error-free patient positioning and dramatically reducing the need for retakes. The result is the perfect panoramic image, every time.